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Recoldo Fleming 

Recoldo Fleming is currently working on some new material soon to be released on vinyl on Pop-A-Top Records.          

Recoldo (a.k.a Carlos or Carlo) spent most of the 80ís touring around the Caribbean with various reggae and soca bands. His base was his home island of Anguilla and he learnt to play every instrument apart from the trombone. Carlos played with many of the top local stars including Kingsley Power Richardson and Banky Banx.

In the early 1990ís he emigrated with his wife and family to the UK. In 1995 he joined The Skanxters as drummer/percussionist/vocalist. This led to gigs around England and studio work. His two songs Natty Dread and Segregation appeared on The Skanxters album Call It A Crime in 1998.  

After The Skanxters split in September of that year Recoldo was sitting in limbo. He soon reformed the band under the banner of 'Unity' with the intention of touring the West Indies. To take a roots band from Britain back home to the Caribbean was always one of Recoldo's dreams. In April 1999 that dream came true. The UK Skanxters visited Anguilla, St.Maarten and Antiga, and went down very well with the locals and tourists. On return to England the band went their separate ways as agreed.

In 1999/2000 Recoldo Fleming briefly went solo and recorded some new material at the Pete Lamb studios in Wiltshire. The song Baby was well received but a record deal was not found. He soon progressed into semi-retirement and settled in Yorkshire. His drum kit was stored in the loft and his song writing was put on the backburner.

In the summer of 2002 an old friend Erin Bardwell got in touch and asked if he could use a couple of old Unity tracks (Sister Joe and Thinking Of You) for his studio reggae album. Recoldo agreed and the recording commenced. Seeing as they were Fleming compositions it made sense for Recoldo to sing them. This was the break Recoldo was looking for. It gave him some new inspiration and the snare drum was soon out of the loft, the cobwebs were dusted off, the vocal chords were exercised and he was back.

By 2003 his two songs were ready to be released on The Erin Bardwell Collective Volume 1 (PATCD01).

Also in 2003, Recoldo took a trip to Jamaica with drummer Matty Bane (now of The Transpersonals), Erin Bardwell, Troy Bartley (bass) and Kelvin Richardson (guitar). It was a recording project to record a Recoldo Fleming solo album. It was recorded at the Dynamic Sound Studio on Bell Road in Kingston, Jamaica. These sessions were eventually released in 2005 on Pop-A-Top under the title Kingston Experience (PATCD03).  

During 2004 he made some live guest appearances with The Erin Bardwell Collective, and also sang his song Hypocrite on the ITV music programme Earshot

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